Policy in Plainer English

All You Need to Know About Flavor Appreciation

December 02, 2021 Helen Labun Season 4 Episode 5
Policy in Plainer English
All You Need to Know About Flavor Appreciation
Show Notes

In this season of Policy in Plainer English we're looking at skills food professionals use to understand how people experience flavor and what influences food choices - and what implications that might have for health professionals working with patients on diet change. The episodes build from each other, so if you haven't started at the beginning, consider pausing here and going back to "How We Experience Flavor".   

Today it's all you need to know about flavor appreciation . . . or at least it's all you need to know to follow along the rest of this season. Nonetheless. We're bringing it all together in an interview with David Keck, Master Sommelier and wine grower at Stella14, who promises us that there's nothing to be intimidated by in the world of elite wine tasting. 

Or words to that effect. 

This episode highlights key take aways from the previous two interviews. If you haven't listened to those, pause and listen to those first. It will be helpful for understanding this one.    

This episode references The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert, by Richard Betts and you can hear Betts talk about it on this video from a bookstore event. He appears at 14:00.

This episode also mentions the Vermont wine pairing project, which was part of market development work by the Vermont Fresh Network in 2017 - 2019. Resources from the program are linked here. They include a guide to Vermont wine tasting, written with help from Rowan Jacobsen of Episode 1 fame. Learn about current Vermont activities from the Vermont Grape and Wine Council.

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