Policy in Plainer English

A Pause to Think Bigger

December 27, 2021 Helen Labun Season 4 Episode 7
Policy in Plainer English
A Pause to Think Bigger
Show Notes

In this season of Policy in Plainer English we're looking at skills food professionals use to understand how people experience flavor and what influences food choices - and what implications that might have for health professionals working with patients on diet change. The episodes build from each other, so if you haven't started at the beginning, consider pausing here and going back to "How We Experience Flavor".   

In a special year-end episode, we reverse directions. This season is about bringing skills from food professionals to bear on how we shape our individual diet, but what about moving the other way - from individuals to commercial scale production?

The main lesson from this episode is to listen to the Mission ImPASTAble podcast series (thank you to the Sporkful for permission to use the clips we play).  You can find the series online.

We also reference several previous Policy in Plainer English episodes, including Medically Tailored Meals and the Health Care Systems introduction to season four. 

For some of the reports also referenced in this episode:

We'll be back at the start of 2022 to finish up our regular season.

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This podcast does not cost $189,892.00 to produce. No, there is a much larger Food Access in Health Care program of which this is one small element (the most fun element, but still small). Find out more at VTFoodInHealth.net.